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Express Time Recorders

  • Easy Time Model TR-900

    Easy Time Model TR-900

    This time recorder is suitable for any basic work schedule.

    • 6 Clock In-Out Prints Daily.
    • Low Cost Time Keeping.
    • 24 Hour Display.

    In stock

    $363.00 inc GST
  • Time Master Model TM-950

    Time Master Model TM-950

    This versatile time recorder will suit all types of businesses.

    • 6 Clock In-Out Prints Daily.
    • Bell / Siren Available.
    • Barcoded Time Cards.
    • Eliminates Over Printing.

    In stock

    $693.00 inc GST
  • Amano Model PIX-200

    Amano Model PIX-200

    All in one electric printing time and date recorder.

    • Payroll Job Costing Recorder
    • Document Stamping.
    • Bell/ Siren (Optional Bell Kit).
    • Usage Heavy Duty.

    In stock

    $770.00 inc GST
  • Seiko Model QR-395

    Seiko Model QR-395

    This highly intelligent time clock calculates for busy payroll operations.

    • Unlimited clock In-Out Daily.
    • Calculates hours worked.
    • Prints day of week or date.

    In stock

    $935.00 inc GST
  • Express Time Tracker

    Express Time Tracker

    This cloud based time and attendance software is made for any industry with all Employee data collected in real time.

    • Unlimited employees.
    • Eliminates buddy punching with pin and photograph.
    • Integrates with XERO .

    In stock

    $1,485.00 inc GST
  • Amano Model EX-9600

    Amano Model EX-9600
    This time recorder is suitable for any work place with any work schedule.
    • 22 Clock In-Out Prints Daily.
    • Auto In-Out Column Shift
    • Bell / Siren Available.

    Out of stock

    $1,485.00 inc GST

Express Time Recorders have specialised in supplying Bell Ringing Time Recorders for more than 15 years. We have a good selection ranging from the Time Power TR- 2000 Time Clock to the Amano EX-9600 Time System and stock a full range of bundy clock accessories including time cards , battery packs, timers, bells and much more. For more detailed information on the best time clock for your business, contact Express Time Recorders today.