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Express Time Recorders


  • Seiko Model TP-5 Refurbished

    Seiko Model TP-5 Refurbished

    This time recorder performs 3 essential functions.

      -Payroll / Attendance Recorder.

      -Job Costing.

      -Document Stamping.

      -Usage Light Duty.

    Out of stock

    $330.00 inc GST
  • Lathem Model 7000E Refurbished

    Lathem Model 7000E Refurbished

    This highly intelligent time clock calculates for busy payroll / job costing operations.

      -Unlimited clock In-Out Daily.

      -Calculates hours worked.

      -Prints day of week or date.

    In stock

    $440.00 inc GST
  • Amano Model MJR-8500 Refurbished

    Amano Model MJR-8500 Refurbished

    Payroll processing has never been easier. With the MJR-8500, gross wages can be figured in an instant.

      -Unlimited consecutive in/out times.

      -Programs up to 4 different shifts.

      -Made in Japan.

    In stock

    $1,100.00 inc GST