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Amano Model PIX-200

Availability: In stock

Product Overview

  • The PIX-200 is a multifuctional time and date recorder designed to cater
    for any business requiring Payroll, Job Costing and Document Stamping.
    The convenient all in one design brings wide appeal to a variety of
    environments including manufacturing, office, retail, hospitality etc. The
    PIX-200 has many extra features as standard and is built to last with its
    heavy duty performance.
  • Recommended usage: Up to 40 employees for payroll.
  • Illuminated print window improves efficency on time card stamping.
  • Ink capacity gauge indicates the amount of ink remaining in cartridge.
  • Programmable print size by mm accommodates a wide range of needs.
  • Day, Afternoon and night shift available.
  • Optional: Bell or siren available for start, finish and break times via optional: PCB bell kit.
  • Designed for wall mounting or table tops.
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment.
  • Built in lithium battery for data protection.
  • Optional: Back-up battery system for printing operations during power failures.
  • Four digit password protection to avoid tampering by employees.
  • Cassette ribbon available in black (standard), purple or red.
  • Choice of left or right hand printing on the time card, document etc.
  • Format available in AM/PM or 24 Hours.
  • Two or four digit year print available eg: “2005” – “05”.
  • 13 selectable preset comments in 6 languages eg: “paid” “filed” “sent” “received” etc.
  • Regular minutes available in (1/60) or (1/100).
  • There are 29 different print formats to choose from eg: Jan 31 2005 or 31 Jan 10:30AM.
  • Customizable printing up to 3 separate lines eg: ABC Hotel , Jan 31 2005, 000001
  • Plug's in to a power point.
  • Weighs: 2.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 159 x 163 x 171mm (WxHxD)

This clock will Perform 3 essential functions:

  • Time keeping: Employees clock IN-OUT for daily hours worked.
  • Document stamping: Proof to identify any type of document requiring a specific time and date stamp.
  • Job costing: Keeps track of time taken to complete tasks eg: A motor mechanic starts a service on a
    vehicle at 9am and finishes at 11am, He will then charge the client for 2 hours of labour.

This time clock has a 12 month warranty on all parts and labour from the date of purchase.

Price: $770.00 inc GST


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P-10W Weekly Time Cards (QTY:1000)

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JC-10 Job Cards (QTY:1000)

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25 Slot Plastic Time Card Rack (Large Cards)

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Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Pack PIX-200

Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Pack PIX-200

Price: $110.00 inc GST

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