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25 Slot Metal Time Card Rack (Small Cards)

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  • 25 Slot Metal Time Card Rack (Small Cards)

25 Slot Metal Time Card Rack (Small Cards)

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Product Overview

This time card rack is suited for card sizes up to 86 x 185mm.

  • Dimensions: 118mm x 730mm x 28mm
  • Slot width: 89mm
  • Slot depth: 150mm
  • Colour: Cream

Compatible time cards:

  • KP-210W Weekly Time Cards
  • KP-210M Monthly Time Cards
  • MJR-8500 Time Cards
  • QR-350W Weekly Time Cards
  • QR-120W Weekly Time Cards
  • QR-120BW Fortnightly Time Cards
  • QR-375 Single Sided Time Cards
  • QR-375 Double Sided Time Cards
  • QR-6560 Time Cards
  • TR-900 Weekly Time Cards
  • TR-895W Weekly Time Cards
  • TR-895BW Fortnightly Time Cards


Price: $77.00 inc GST

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